Celebrating International Women's Day! First half is a selection of sounds from ladies in music who inspire then I'm joined by DJ, Producer and Instrumentalist Nabihah Iqbal for chats on her inspirations plus a mini-mix.

A Worldwide Thing // Manana Cuba

The latest 'A Worldwide Thing' is up on Netil Radio. It features co-founder of Manana Cuba, a platform that connects the electronic music community to masters of Afro-Cuban folkloric tradition - giving local artists a platform to connect to international audiences. Projects have included a festival in Santiago, Cuba that featured Nicholas Jaar, A Guy Called Gerald, Mala and more. Plus currently a label with artists blending both worlds that include Airwo, Soundspecies, IGCulture and a new monthly improv night called Parasang. The show includes chats, music and regular new monthly releases from Brainfeeder, Brownswood, 22a and more. Listen above.