A Worldwide Thing // Manana Cuba

The latest 'A Worldwide Thing' is up on Netil Radio. It features co-founder of Manana Cuba, a platform that connects the electronic music community to masters of Afro-Cuban folkloric tradition - giving local artists a platform to connect to international audiences. Projects have included a festival in Santiago, Cuba that featured Nicholas Jaar, A Guy Called Gerald, Mala and more. Plus currently a label with artists blending both worlds that include Airwo, Soundspecies, IGCulture and a new monthly improv night called Parasang. The show includes chats, music and regular new monthly releases from Brainfeeder, Brownswood, 22a and more. Listen above.


It’s session twenty-four and I've got heaps of newness for you. Releases from Black Acre, Brainfeeder, Awesome Tapes from Africa, Brownswood and much more 🌍✨


Dreamy with a touch of spicy sweetness ☕✨The Chai and Chill session I recorded live last month at boxout.fm's studios in Delhi is up. Much love to the team who are doing very special things for online radio and underground music in India. Supporting always.

Enjoy the mix here: https://goo.gl/UvjHw3

Chai + Chill .png