Notes > Afro-house takeover

afro deep 3.jpg

You walk passed a barber's shop, supermarket or club in South Africa and no doubt you'll hear Afro-House.

The genre, which originated in the townships near Jo'burg, has now been crossing city boundaries, classes and attracting diverse crowds.

Described as 'slowed down garage' by artist Diplo, it takes this approach together with layers of African instruments and vocals. One of the pioneers in SA is Black Coffee whose noted for his reinvention of old Lusophone tracks.

And Angola is embracing the sounds too. A country normally dominated with the Kuduro sound, 140 bpm with raps, is facing nice competition. The popularity of Angolan house kicked off with South African DJs moving back to Angola though now sees homegrown producers embracing the style. All you have to do is check Soundcloud to see how much the genre is blowing up.

Who knows, the appeal may just spread nation by nation giving us even more sweet varieties of 'localised' Afro-house.