Notes > Fatima @UnionChapel

There's a magic in the air as you step inside Union Chapel. Something special that you only feel when your there, as you move from the hectic-ness of Upper Street into the quiet yet breath-taking Chapel space. The vibe was on-point as I stepped in last night to see Fatima and the Eglo band. The lighting, the good vibes from the crowd and the acoustics. Andrew Ashong took the stage and the hazy, jazzy young soul rebel dreamer left the audience drifting on his every word. It was slow, groovy and touching all at the same time.

Then after a selection of classic 90s R&B tunes sounding out across the chapel, the audience were ready for lady Fatima. She took the stage and owned it. She oscillated form genre to genre with such effortless swag supported by her very (very) smooth band. And she brought a light sweetness to her songs that handled modern emotional troubles. She wasn't scared to be stylistically experimental and I think that was the best part, because it worked. At the end of the night, the crowd were up on their feet like a beautiful congregation!

See here for Fatima in action, and Andrew Ashong here.