Donkey's Jaw, church donation boxes and cargo shipping boxes...only Mala has the ability to find gems in hidden objects to create a musical artistry in them and this is what he's produced in his latest album 'Mirrors,' inspired by Peru. He collaborated with Afro-Peruvian percussionists, Andean panpipe dancers, Zapateo's (Spanish flamenco dancers) and local vocalists he met on his travels. This is the second album Mala's produced with Brownswood after 'Mala in Cuba'  where he immersed himself in Havana, and the release of 'Mirrors' shows the DMZ-producer's sure strength in producing his flavour of magic wherever he goes.

'4 Elements' featured in 'Mirrors' can be heard in the latest session of A Worldwide Thing here, and the album will be released on Brownswood 24th June.