It’s session ten of A Worldwide Thing on Radar Radio and I’ve got newness crossing Brazilian jazz classics to spoken word neo-soul. Artists include Bonobo, Run the Jewels, Thundercat, Ivan Conti and more.

Lost Midas ft Kalispell - Kayla’s lullaby (Tru thoughts)
Sweet Maya - Surround me (Ubiquity)
Bonobo - Outlier (Ninja tune)
Peanut Holmes - Bodi Nasaka Haki (Beatservice records)
Karriem Riggins - 4EsJ (The other hand)
Thundercat ft Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins) - Show you the way (Brainfeeder)
Ideaz - Lines (Cold busted)
The Seshen - Colors collide (Tru thoughts)
Nick Monaco - Dan izo remix - For some reason (Crew love)
Max Graef & Glenn Astro - Bryan Aquarius live mix - Magic Johnson (Ninja tune)
Ivan Conti - Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix - Ah que legal (Far out)
Dayme Arocena - Valentine (Brownswood)
Bosq ft Temo Alomar - Auntie flo remix - Tumbala (Ubiquity)
Rumpistol - Carry me (Project mooncircle)
Jacaszek - Soft music (Ghostly)
Run the Jewels - Call Ticketron (The Other Hand)
Ivan Conti - IG culture remix - Mamao’s Brake (Far Out)
Geotic - Actually smiling (Ghostly)
Barnaby Carter - Yugen (Project mooncircle)
Mop Mop ft Wayne snow - Azaxx remix - Lunar love (Agogo)
Philippe Baden Powell - Notes over poetry (Far Out)
Philippe Baden Powell - For you to know (Far Out)
Button eyes - Burn it down (Project mooncircle)
Victor Assis Brasil - Wave (Far Out)