Who's inspired you?

Women who aren’t afraid to express themselves, use their creativity and power to positively make a difference and be true to themselves with the utmost musical integrity. This is what International Women's Day means to me for women in music - and to share selections I asked a few of lady friends doing awesome things in the industry to recommend female artists that have inspired them. 


Emily Moxon, MD at Brownswood Recordings

Eska: ‘At one point it seemed like she would never actually release a record. I love the fact she took the time to get her sound and her record how she wanted it. She also took on that dominant narrative that women can only have success in music in their teens and 20s.’ - Emily


Georgia Taglietti, SheSaidSo Barcelona Director

Bjork - ‘I was the translator at a press conference she gave back in the days at Sonar, we were sitting at the same table and it was a light in the dark She made me think: I am proud to be a woman in the music industry. Will never forget.’ - Georgia

Cora Novoa - ‘A fantastic DJ with an amazing career who manages to do so many things, a self-entrepreneur who probably is one of the most important figures in Dance Music in Spain, and very much devoted to women causes.’ - Georgia

Mira Calix - 'A friend, an eclectic artist, a great musician, composer inspiring in many ways.’ Georgia

Vidhi Gandhi, AR at Ninja Tune

Angel Olsen - My Women (Album)

Grouper - Ruins (Album)

Umfang - Ok


Sarah Chawla, Co-founder of The WildCity

PJ Harvey

Beth Gibbons from Portishead

Karin Dreijer Andersson from Fever Ray and The Knife