It’s session ten of A Worldwide Thing on Radar Radio and I’ve got newness crossing Brazilian jazz classics to spoken word neo-soul. Artists include Bonobo, Run the Jewels, Thundercat, Ivan Conti and more.

Lost Midas ft Kalispell - Kayla’s lullaby (Tru thoughts)
Sweet Maya - Surround me (Ubiquity)
Bonobo - Outlier (Ninja tune)
Peanut Holmes - Bodi Nasaka Haki (Beatservice records)
Karriem Riggins - 4EsJ (The other hand)
Thundercat ft Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins) - Show you the way (Brainfeeder)
Ideaz - Lines (Cold busted)
The Seshen - Colors collide (Tru thoughts)
Nick Monaco - Dan izo remix - For some reason (Crew love)
Max Graef & Glenn Astro - Bryan Aquarius live mix - Magic Johnson (Ninja tune)
Ivan Conti - Reginald Omas Mamode IV remix - Ah que legal (Far out)
Dayme Arocena - Valentine (Brownswood)
Bosq ft Temo Alomar - Auntie flo remix - Tumbala (Ubiquity)
Rumpistol - Carry me (Project mooncircle)
Jacaszek - Soft music (Ghostly)
Run the Jewels - Call Ticketron (The Other Hand)
Ivan Conti - IG culture remix - Mamao’s Brake (Far Out)
Geotic - Actually smiling (Ghostly)
Barnaby Carter - Yugen (Project mooncircle)
Mop Mop ft Wayne snow - Azaxx remix - Lunar love (Agogo)
Philippe Baden Powell - Notes over poetry (Far Out)
Philippe Baden Powell - For you to know (Far Out)
Button eyes - Burn it down (Project mooncircle)
Victor Assis Brasil - Wave (Far Out)

Music Freedom Day

Music freedom day was kickstarted by the international organisation Freemuse on the 3rd of March. It’s a day of advocacy for musicians and audiences to advance freedom of expression. Everyone has the right to music, both as a mechanism of expression and enjoyment - to carry out their craft without fear of oppression, imprisonment or censorship. More than 100 partners and 30 countries worldwide have joined the event which has been a flourishing tool to raise awareness for the rights of musicians in an increasingly polarized world.

This year, Music Freedom day is focusing on the protection of women’s voices. Did you know...

In Saudi Arabia and Iran, women performers are not allowed to sing solo or play instruments in public. In north-western Pakistan women singers have been killed and attacked, and in several countries women performers are socially, culturally and economically marginalised and even considered prostitutes.

Globally women musicians face especially difficult conditions and are often subject to industry discrimination, sexual objectification and significantly less bookings than male musicians. 

To drive awareness, Freemuse are encouraging audiences to share an article, censored song or make a statement on March 3rd - more information here.

And in light of this, I wanted to focus on Afghanistan and a couple of inspiring discoveries that women have made in music.

The Afghanistan music scene has suffered in the decades of the 20th Century due to war, musicians having been exiled and the Taliban policies of banning music entirely. Women’s education, employment and social rights were affected too. Moved by the critical state of music, Dr Ahmad Sarmast, managed to initiate the groundbreaking institute - ANIM - the National Institute of Music. This led to the first and only all-women orchestra in Afghanistan, Zohra, who are all students at ANIM and the first women in their families, community, and country to learn music in over 30 years - listen to Zohra here.

And one lady on the other spectrum of music is Paradise Sorouri, whose an Afgahni female rapper. A shocking ‘87% of women have endured physical or sexual violence’ and shes using her voice to express the gender inequality in post-Taliban Afgahnistan and spark change - read more here.


It's session eight of A Worldwide Thing on Radar Radio and there's plenty of winter warmers for you - newness from Bonobo, Coldcut, Pavel Dovgal, Silkie and more...!


Midnight Magic - Dark Thunder (Soul Clap Records)

Peanut Holmes - Bodi Nasaka Haki (Beat service records)

Steve Spacek - If you want to find me (Eglo records)

Coldcut - Creative (Ahead of our time)

Gabriel Garzon-Montano - The Game (The Other hand)

Joyce Wrice - Rocket Science (Akashik records)

Tall Black Guy vs The Milk - Trouble gonna bring me down - TBG remix (Wah Wah 45s)

Rio Mira - Adios Morena - Midnight ravers remix (ZZK Records)

Silkie - Computer Sound (Deep Medi)

Nathan Fake - Now we know (Ninja tune)

Pavel Dovgal - Floating beams (Project Mooncircle)

Fakear ft Andrea Triyana - Bearcubs remix - Light bullet (Counter records)

Madeline Bell - Little ones - Scrimshire edit (Wah Wah 45s)

Moonchild - The Truth - DJ Jazzy Jeff / James Poyser remix (Tru thoughts)

Chip Wickham - Sling short (Lovemonk)

Azymuth - Neptunians (Far Out records)

Dexter story - Veggie wondem - Ras G African space program remix (Soundway records)

Greymatter ft Sophie Brown - Visions dub (Greymatter)

Havana Cultura Anthology - La Plaza - Poirier remix (Brownswood)

David August - The Spell (Counter records)

Yussef Kamaal - Low rider (Brownswood)

Bonobo ft Rhye - Break Apart (Ninja Tune)


It's session six of a A Worldwide Thing on Radar Radio and we've new music that includes Anderson Paak as part of NxWorries, Machinedrum, Anchorsong, David August and more...plus i'm in the mix for an hour bringing you soulful house, tropical and deep grooves.


1. Letherette - Shanel (Ninja Tune)

2. NxWorries (Anderson Paak + Knowledge) - Lyk Dis (Stones Throw)

3. David East - Don't shoot (Mass Appeal)

4. Machinedrum ft Rochelle Jordan - Tell U (Ninja tune)

5. Lice (Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman) - Mud (Stones Throw)

6. David August - The Spell (Counter records)

7. Es-K - Elevation (8D)

8. Flowdan ft Animai - Groundhot (Tru thoughts)

9. Coldcut ft Roots Manuva - Only Heaven (Stones Throw)

10. Lost Midas ft Rachel Geller - Nebula (Tru thoughts)

11. Anchorsong - Butterflies (Tru thoughts)

12. IFE - House of Love - Nicola Cruz remix (ZZK records)

13. The Olympians - Apollos Mood (The Other hand)

14. Jay Daniel - Knowledge of Selfie (Technicolour)

*In the Mix*

15. Romare - The blues (it began in Africa)

16. Owiny Sigoma Band - Doyoi Nyajo Nam (Quantic mix)

17. Afrolicious - Thursday night kinda swing

18. Debruit - Nigeria what?

19. Forget me not - What were you (Auntie flo remix)

20. Drums of Death - Waves city (Auntie flo remix)

21. Ossie - Power of love

22. Joy Orbison - Sicko cell

23. Tuesday Born ft Dnae - Wake - Two inch punch remix

24. Girl Unit - Temple keys

25. Huxley & Sam Russo - Don't understand

26. The Politik - Money

27. Jazztronik - Samurai

28. Tate's Place - Burnin (Jazzanova remix)

29. Kyoto Jazz Massive - Crossbreed

30. Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt

31. Tamala - Him (DJ Mitsu the beats remix)


It's session five of A Worldwide Thing on Radar Radio! And we've got brand new music from Floating Points, Romare, Thundercat, Machinedrum, jazz-funk trio Yussef Kamaal and more...plus a tropical guest mix from DJ Cal Jadar!


1. Romare - Who loves you? (Ninja tune)

2. Kaiju ft Jack Gates - Envy (Deep Medi)

3. Pional ft Empress Of - The way that you like (Counter records)

4. Raindog ft Moonsiren - Who do you love? (Project mooncircle)

5. Chrome Sparks - All or nothing (Counter records)

6. Machinedrum ft Dawn - Do it 4 U (Ninja tune)

7. The Seshen - Distant heart (Tru thoughts)

8. Thundercat - Bus in these streets (Brainfeeder)

9. MNDSGN - Cosmic perspective (Stones throw)

10. Gerry Read - Wipe Out (Innovative leisure)

11. Simbad - Rainin Luv (Independent)

12. JP Moregun - Street signs (Brainfeeder)

13. The Invisible - Life's dancers - Floating points remix (Ninja tune)

14. Yussef Kamaal - Yo Chaves (Brownswood)

Guest Mix - DJ Cal Jadar

15. Micida - Mufete

16. Jorge Ben - Curumin (Dance Kill Move & MIR Crew Zouk remix)

17. Dengue Dengue Dengue - Badman

18. Nicola Cruz x History of Colour - Paruma

18. Chico Mann & Captain Planet - Como me miras

19. Coco Raizes de Arcoverde - Seu Maia (DJ Nirso remix)

20. Corrado Bucci & Los Corraleros de Majagual - La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera

21. Voodoo Love Orchestra - Plinio Guzman

22. La Mambanegra - La Mamba Te Invita

23. IFE - 3 Mujeres (Iboru Iboya Ibosheshe)

24. Simon Jurad - Si Bon di Bon

25. El Bles - Agoza

26. Novalima - Santero (Los Chicos altos remix)

27. Thornato - Deux a deux (ft Kongo Elektro)

28. Celia Cruz - Herencia Africana (Branko remix)

29. Mark B - Vamos a Ponernos locos

30. Oscar Neves - Mabele (Uproot Andy & Geko Jones remix)

31. Neguim Beats - WTF

32. Sants - Corre

33. Daniel Haaksman - Kaggua ft Tshila (iZem remix)

34. Bastrana Pro DJ Kobe - Olha O Cao

35. ATTOOXXA - F*da P*rra feat Knalha