Notes > Localising African music startups


Its time to finally pay attention to localised approaches when it comes to Africa as a whole. That's what Africa Unsigned experienced with their music crowdfunding initiative. 

The agency invests in nurturing the generation of 'New African Sound' though when they invited pledges for a campaign targeting music talent across the continent its viability proved questionable.

They changed their strategy and used a localised approach by seeking talent in Ghana which had a more positive outcome. They partnered with the German brand Bavaria, who were seeking a foot in the market, and ran a year long crowdfunding campaign to connect fresh music talent and fans to support them produce new music. Fans were rewarded with exclusive music content and concert tickets.

Positive to see an effective localised strategy, and in doing changes the way we view the relationship between the continent and its nations through a richer level of local appreciation.

Here's the video from the contest winner, Hiplife rapper 'Byrte.' Too good.