Notes > Ed Motta

Each time I enter Union Chapel in Angel I feel as if i'm going to be taken to higher levels by the Gods. The architecture, it's vastness, the stained glass and acoustics give that sensation. It's probably because I don't spend that much time in chapels, but regardless this venue really is special. There are few religious houses that freely open their doors to live 'pop' music but the vision of experiencing music to a greater extent is clearly understood, by even the priest.

And Ed Motta, the Brazilian funk and soul singer whom I saw last night really embraced this environment. Influenced by Steely Dan, he sits in the same genre crossing from jazz to popular Brazilian music. Seated for most of the session, which makes sense because of his style and size which he himself made numerous comments about, he was accompanied by his vibrant band. Special credit goes to fellow-Brazilian Paulo Alves on the guitar who must've been 80-odd and had the swagger of Mick Jagger during his hey-day. Plus German Matti Klein on the piano who at times overshadowed Motta. But the main-man was funny, interactive and when his voice hit the peaks it gave a little shiver. The standout tracks for me was 'Simple Guy' and 'Smile' - the names of which epitomize Motta and makes him such a great character and humble performer. 

Here's a video performance from Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Basement session plus a mix via WaxPoetics from Mr.Motta.