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This is the new interpretation of pow-wow music.

Pow-wow sounds originate from the Indigenous folk of North America, the tribes known as First Nation. A Tribe called red are three statuesque First Nation / Producers known as DJ NDN, DJ Shub and Bear Witness. They take the vocals and drums of pow-wow First Nation sounds and slices them with electronic bass music. When retooled you can hear the distinctive tones of the drums and feel the force they are creating that works for contemporary ears. 


They started out in 2008, Ottawa, with DJ NDN and Bear Witness playing at clubs and dubbing a new sub-genre as they went along called 'electric pow-wow.' They remixed and mashed-up club music that would appeal to the aboriginal community. DJ Shub, then a DMC Canada battle DJ champion joined the group to form 'A Tribe called red.' The group remembered when Shub played a 'grass dance' song - piece of music that's meant to accompany an aboriginal dance that invokes blowing the wind - he then asked for a matching BPM track, pulled out a dub step track called 'The General' and BOOM. It worked and turned into one of the first tracks they produced. Check it here:

In their shows they are heavy on visuals, wanting to create an urban aboriginal experience, being as careful as possible not to offend the older generations by avoiding songs of 'honour' or 'grand entry.' Their end goal is to create urban powwow for the growing number of aboriginals moving away from traditional communities into cities. Looks like it's working, and spreading further than they imagined.