Radio > 35 A Worldwide Thing // Bossa Love

The sound that seduced the world. In the last episode of the Brazil Series I'll be looking at the transition of Bossa Nova from the early 50s with the likes of Neyde Frega, Marcos Valle through to today's Nu-Bossa with cuts from Da Lata, Democustico and even J-Dilla. Loved producing this project and big shouts to partners the Brazilian Embassy in India, Mr.Bongo and Far Out. Watch this space for more specials!

Radio > 34 Afro Brazil

The original game changer. Afro-Brazilian music and culture has influenced so much of what it means to be Brazilian. I'll be looking at the heart of the sounds through notable artists, various styles of Samba with funk, soul and jazz, as well as cultural turning points with the 70's Black Rio Movement. Shouts to partners the Brazilian Embassy in India and labels Mr.Bongo and Far Out.

Radio > 32 Classic Brazil

We're continuing with the Brazil Series as part of 'A Worldwide Thing' in partnership with the Brazilian embassy in India and Brazilian labels Far Out and Mr.Bongo.

In this second episode we're heading back a few decades! We'll be celebrating 60s and 70s Brazil with timeless classics and rare cuts. A socially and culturally rich period that gave rise to new musical styles like Tropicalia and Samba Soul rhythmically born out of Samba and Bossa Nova. We'll feature the more well-known like Jorge Ben, Marcos Valle, Orlann Divo to lesser known artists - a treasure trove of musical gems!

Radio > 31 Trip to Brazil

Brazil takeover! And as part of A Worldwide Thing we're gonna be delving into a Brazil special for the next five episodes that will look at Rare, Classic and Fresh new Brazilian productions. The series is a collaboration with the Brazilian embassy in India with support from labels Far Out and Mr.Bongo who are the originators in bringing Brazilian music to the world.

Episode one is a journey from the North to the South of Brazil where we'll be starting in Bahia by exploring the sounds of the game Capoeira and religion Candomble; then heading to the tropical coast and slowly moving our way to the dry arid hinterland of the Sertao which is home to Brazil's cowboys. From there we move to Rio! Big beats of the Batucada Samba drumming, football chants at the Maracana and sun-kissed Bossa beach vibes in Ipanema. Concluding the journey in the urban jungle of Sao Paulo with more somber and fresher sounding productions.

Radio > Brazil Series


For the next five weeks we're going to have a Brazil takeover! I'm really excited about having the chance to dive deeper into a country with so many irresistible sounds and styles that cross decades. I've partnered with the Brazilian embassy in India to make this series happen together with labels Far Out and Mr.Bongo.

Founder of Far Out Joe Davis, is the man that brought Brazilian music to the world. Twenty years ago the DJ / Record Producer started the label and today it is the by word for quality Brazilian music reissuing classics and releasing cutting-edge sounds from new and established artists. Mr.Bongo was and still is the original bearer of hard to find classic Latin music, especially Brazilian. Established in 1989 it first started selling records and then later became a label and film company. It's a real privilege to have labels i have held in such high-esteem partnering with me and shouts also go to Mais Um Discos, Chico Dub and Gilles Peterson's Sonzeira for their support on the episode 'Brazil Now.'

Here's a lowdown of the specials:

June 9th // Trip to Brazil

A musical journey across Brazil starting in the North in the state of Bahia that explores the sounds of the game Capoeira and religion Candomble. We then head to the coast and slowly move our way to the dry arid hinterland of the Sertao where the Brazilian cowboys reside. From here we move to Rio! Sounds of the big batucada samba drumming, football shouts at the Maracana and sun-kissed Bossa beach vibes. Ending up in the concrete urban jungle of Sao Paulo bringing more somber but fresher sounds.

June 16th // Classic Brazil

Rare and Classic sounds of 60s and 70s Brazil. We delve into Samba, Bossa Nova and Brazil's largest cultural movement Tropicalia, showcasing the key players - some real gems!

June 23rd // Brazil Now

A look at some of the freshest sounds and producers coming out of and inspired by Brazil. Expect Nu-bossa, hip-hop, ragga, electro and metal baile funk…yes.

June 30th // Afro Brazil

The influence of African culture has touched every part of Brazil's music landscape. The culture, religion, the everyday rituals of Brazil's Afro Brazilian culture are an everyday occurrence in the North East and other parts of Brazil. This episode highlights those key influences and influencers from the old to the new.

July 7th // Bossa Lova

Who doesn't love Bossa Nova? I'm going to be looking at sounds from the 60s, the influencers on North American Jazz right through to today with Nu-Bossa and Bossa Electrica beats #bossa #love

All the episodes can be heard live as part of 'A Worldwide Thing' on at my regular time of 16:30 Monday and post-show will be available for download on 

Notes > Carnaval songs

carnaval pic.jpg

We always hear of the usual Brazilian Carnaval songs that the masses like and exist on compilations, but what about the ones that remind Brazil's finest musicians of the 'party that don't stop.' Here's a lovely feature on this from the Guardian a la label Mais Um Disco.

Radio > #14 A Worldwide Thing

real - brazil classic b+w.png

Rare and classic sounds of 60s and 70s Brazil. It's a special! A mix of musical gems in a culturally rich era for Brazil that gave rise to diverse musical styles that include Afro Samba, dreamy jazz Percussion to Bossa Funk. A look at the lesser-known artists such as Ely Camaro and Vox Populi to icons Gilberto Gil and Tom Zé who helped define the cultural movement Tropicália through their unorthodox approach to melody. Big thanks to the Brazilian embassy New Delhi, Radio 79 and labels Mr.Bongo and Far Out Recordings for their support. Enjoy here x

Notes > Brazil world cup city music tour

A musical journey across the host Brazilian cities for this years World Cup, that moves away the Carnaval Batucada and easy-listening Bossa Nova beats that we are all too familiar with. This is alt Brazil that deserves much-needed attention. Big love to label-head Lewis Robinson at MaisUmDiscos for compiling this beauty. Enjoy the ride right here.

Video > Passinho

Literally meaning 'little step,' Passinho is the dance craze that's taken over Rio. It's a combo of Samba, Frevo and Freestyle performed over a heavy baile beat. And the youth are hooked. There are documentaries, competitions and thousands of YTube videos, spreading cross-class making this dance more than just a trend and perhaps a chance for a way out. Samba was underground 20years back, look where it is now.