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You may have heard a fair bit about William Onyeabor. He's part of this beautiful Africa revival that is happening where rare uncuts are being brought to the forefront again thanks to labels such as Soundway, AwesometapesfromAfrica and Analog Africa. Luakabop is another that tried to track down 70s Nigerian funk legend William Onyeabor but with little success. To this day his backstory is barely known.

'Who is William Onyeabor?' is Luaka Bop's new set that posits the man for the 21st Century audience. What makes him stand out compared to the revival of the other legends is his use of instrumentation, the analog synthesizer, rarely heard from the African Diaspora. 

Nowness have filmed a video for his track 'Fantastic Man' that sees 'New Yorkan Roller Dancers skate to the Nigerian synth pioneer's swirling beat.' A funkilicious workout, yes please.