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How John Wizards formed. John Withers used to spend his days making production in his bedroom. Emmanuel Nzaramba was a Rwandan refugee that arrived in Cape Town. Emmanuel used to play reggae in Rwanda and Uganda but wanted to find a wider audience. He fled Rwanda partly for this and partly out of desperation during the time of the '94 Rwandan genocide. He moved to South Africa working as a security guard. John saw him one day whilst he was on duty and noticed his guitar. They got chatting, connected and discovered something special. They decided to make music together. But one day Emmanuel lost touch. Disappeared. But by chance the two reconnected one day on John's street. From then they formed 'John Wizards.' Both bringing a different dimension to the magic they create.

The self-titled album is really special. Withers brings stargazing production not genre-bound and Nzaramba brings the soul, the stories that speak of everyday magic - loneliness, apartheid and deep friendships - though despite heavy themes the album has a prevailing mood of joyful optimism. A lo-fi dreamlike quality overridden with an African flair and sung not just in English but also Nzaramba's native Kinyarwanden and Swahili. Pure dreamy magic.